Nigerian musician, Darlington Okoye, aka Speed Darlington, has lamented paying N1.7m for fuel valued at N17,150 at a Total Filling Station in the Ajah area of Lagos State.

The artiste was said to have visited the petrol station to buy fuel when the petrol attendant mistakenly punched in the wrong charges on the point-of-sale machine.

Unknown to Speed Darlington, he said he punched the pin code of his automated teller machine card and was debited the sum of N1,715,100, instead of N17,150.

Narrating the incident in a video clip he posted online, Speed Darlington, said it was the job of the petrol attendant to ensure the accurate figure was inputted in the PoS machine, adding that he was lucky that the petrol station was close to him.

He said, “They have given me back N1.2m but on my way to pick back the remaining. But can you believe that I went to buy N17,150 fuel and this guy mistakenly punched in N1.7m and I put in my code without even checking?

“But I don’t blame myself, I am a customer, the customer is always right, it’s his job to get it right. I see mouth talk because it is close to me, it is within walking distance. If this was out of state, what would I have done?”

The receipt of the transaction was attached to the post.


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