Just as he promised, the Presidential aspirant of the Labor Party, Peter Obi has released the list of the party manifestos via his twitter handle. The List which is contained in a 62 page document is titled: “It’s Possible; Our Pact With Nigeria.”

Remember that in October, Obi clearly denied being a part of the manifesto that was in circulation then. Even while he was greatly criticized by the APC and some others for not having a manifesto, he maintained his ground saying that it would be made available when it is ready.

In his list, he stated that if elected, the LP presidential candidate promised to put an end to insurgency and banditry.

“Restructure the polity through effective legislative and institutional changes to strengthen the rule of law, zealously combat corruption, lower the cost of governance, and develop an honest and effective public service,” the manifesto’s first line states.

Leapfrog Nigeria into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) by using technical and scientific advancements to establish a digital economy.

“Through integrated public-private partnerships and innovative public sector governance, build a vast and top-notch infrastructure for effective electricity supply, rail, road, and air transportation, and pipeline network.

Enhance Nigerian youths’ human capital for productivity and global competitiveness by funding top-notch education and research, high-quality healthcare, and entrepreneurship training.

“Conduct an afrocentric diplomacy that advances the economic interests of Nigerians and Nigerian enterprises in a changing world while defending the rights of Nigerian residents overseas.”

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