Huawei, the Chinese tech giant has brought a new convenience feature for its users in Europe and Africa. The company has partnered up with Bolt, the popular ride-hailing service, which was one of the first major brands to join Huawei’s AppGallery. Now, it is about to become even easier for users to access following its integration with Huawei’s map service, Petal Maps.


Huawei customers with smartphones based on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), and customers who download Petal Maps from Google Play, have now an additional option when they search the directions and length of a journey from one location to another. As well as car, public transport, walking and cycling, they will also see ride hailing.

Once a user clicks on the Bolt icon, they will automatically be taken to the Bolt app where they can book a driver, check the driver’s details and distance, and see how much the journey will cost.

The two companies have also collaborated at a software developmental level with Bolt integrating Huawei’s Map Kit allowing it to power the app with personalized displays and interactions for HMS devices.

But that’s not all, Petal Maps has recently been enhanced with new updates, including Lane Guidance which is aimed at helping drivers to enjoy enhanced route planning, and help in complex traffic situations, and Offline Maps, which allows users to take advantage of search and navigation functions, even when they have no signal.

In addition, searching for amenities is easier thanks to its new and improved ‘one-touch’ search functions which show multiple services such as petrol stations, restaurants, ATMs, and convenience stores that are nearby.

So for readers who live in Europe and Africa, do check out these new features offered by the Petal Maps on Huawei’s AppGallary or Google Play store.

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