What The PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubaka Had to Say About Nigerian Hospitals

If elected president following the presidential election in February of next year, Atiku Abubakar, the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential nominee, has stated he could avoid using Nigerian hospitals for personal healthcare.

At the AriseTV town hall discussion on Sunday, Atiku, who is also the PDP’s presidential contender in the 2019 general election, was asked if he would use the nation’s hospitals to show other politicians and the elite a clear example of not using foreign medical treatment.

The former vice president admitted that it was clear that the country’s healthcare system had difficulties that made it difficult for it to provide Nigerians with high-quality services.Atiku remarked, “We have limitations, and we are aware of those limitations.

However, Atiku’s stance was different from that of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s nominee for president, who stressed that if elected next year, he would work to improve current infrastructures and train health workers across public hospitals in the nation. Obi also promised to patronize Nigerian hospitals and use Nigerian doctors.

Atiku has recently resided in Dubai, the economic center of the United Arab Emirates. He only travels to Nigeria to attend significant political events and other occasions.

Nigerians have criticized the wealthy and political leaders for their preference for medical travel in recent years due to the deteriorating conditions of public hospitals and the lack of motivation among health professionals in the nation.

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