Ghana: The Non-essential Travel to Nigerian is Unauthorized.

The Ghanaian ministry of foreign affairs and regional integration claims that it is not aware of any security advisory advising its citizens from traveling to Nigeria unless it is absolutely necessary.

The ministry clarified the matter in a statement released on Wednesday in Accra, the nation’s capital.According to the government, on November 16 an unofficial travel warning forbidding Ghanaians from visiting Nigeria for minor reasons was published.

The travel warning issued this evening, Wednesday, November 16, 2022, cautioning against unnecessary travel to Abuja, was cited by the ministry of foreign affairs and regional integration, which stated that the statement was unapproved.

The department is unaware of any threat against Ghanaians who continue to coexist peacefully with their Nigerian relatives.The traveling public has likely experienced some inconvenience, which the minister of foreign affairs and regional integration regrets.

Prior to this, the governments of the US, UK, and Canada had issued a security alert concerning an upsurge in terrorist attacks in Nigeria, particularly in the federal capital area (FCT).
Based on the advisory posted on the US website, the nation advised its residents in Nigeria not to travel to public institutions like schools, markets, and places of worship that are allegedly being targeted by terrorists, including hotels, clubs, restaurants, and bars.

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