Fans of popular actress Moyo Lawal have taken to various social media to express their opinion on a video of the actress having sex with an unknown man.
The video, which went viral on Saturday, showed the faces of both the actor and his partner on a bed in what appeared to be a hotel room.
Ever since the video surfaced online, the actress has been severely criticized by her fans. However, the actor said nothing about it; instead, posting a picture of yourself in the set.
Reacting to the video, fan John Joshua said: “All the celebrities have leaked their nudes to get more publicity and connections that we don’t know about.”

Another fan, Tina Omovo, wrote: “You celebrities need to be role models (sic) for your viewers. You’re the least person I’d expect that from.”

Commenting on his recently uploaded photo, Erugo Blessing said, “This photo should be captioned ‘No leaked video can bring me down’.
Offering words of encouragement, Sri George wrote, “Don’t let it bother you. Instead, use it as a springboard to higher opportunities.

Although Lawal is known for posting controversial and lewd content online, he previously stated in one of his videos that the last thing he could be “pulled” online was any sex-related matter.
She said: “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices and said no to a lot of things. People know how I am about sex, so the last thing that can bring me down is sex.”

The actor also often stated that despite the impression some people had of him, he wasn’t as “bad” as they thought. She said: “Whatever I did, I wasn’t as bad as a normal girl.”

In a surprising twist, @moyolawalofficial, an X account allegedly owned by the actress, wrote on Saturday: “The woman in this clip is not me, stop spreading fake news. It’s not me, please stop spreading false information.”

However, many have claimed that it is a parody account and the actor’s genuine X account is believed to be @moyolawal.

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